George Washington (DotCom) is calling the M.I.L.I.T.I.A. (DotCom)
Become a PRAYER Warrior!
WE are the ones WE are waiting for!

God’s House is a House of PRAYER! Matthew 21:13

1 January 2016

Happy New Year!
Let’s try this for a change:  LOVE one another.

The world is in an orchestrated chaos. Evil abounds.
It now seems like old times:
Genesis 6:11 The earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.
The world is full of LIES as well.

Here is a promise you can count on: George Washington Dotcom will not (knowingly) tell a lie.  We will discover what lies we still believe and expose them here.
He has discovered many, many lies.
He feels like this:

So, let’s begin.
The biggest lie of all is one about God.
George Washington Dotcom is a firm believer in the GOD who created all that is.
God revealed Himself and gave us His Name.
That Name has been removed from most Bibles about 7000 times!

God’s Name is four Hebrew letters:
יהוה = Yod Hey Vav Hey = YHVH = YehoVah  (Exodus 3:15)
(The ‘W’ sound is pronounced like a ‘V’ in Hebrew. And there is no ‘J’ in Hebrew. )
It means: I Was, I AM, I Will Be! (Exodus 3:14)
You can watch this Hebrew scholar’s riveting explanation HERE

In addition, the four letters were originally pictographs – with meanings.
YHVH means ‘Behold Nail, Behold Hand’.
Just StartPage.com the term and see for yourself.
(StartPage.com is a search engine worth supporting!)

There are many other lies about God and His message which have been twisted, added to and taken away from. We will explore these soon.

Meanwhile, begin to call our Heavenly Father by His REAL Name!

If you do not believe in God that is your choice.
But hopefully you agree with His message, which was just to BE GOOD! And love others.
(Ahava is Hebrew for LOVE. Ahava also means TO GIVE. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, etc…)
His message should cost no money. (Matthew 10:8)

His special Messenger was His promised Prophet/Son whose name has ALSO been changed.
YehoVAH is the Father’s Name. YehoShua is the Son’s Name. It means Yehova’s SALVATION
(‘Yeshua’ is OK, like ‘Mike’ and ‘Michael’. ‘Yah’ is OK for the Father as well. ‘Halle lu Yah’ means ‘Praise to YehoVah! English Bibles usually spell His Son’s Name ‘Joshua’ in the Old Testament. The name ‘Jesus’ is plain goofy. It’s all Greek to me.)

These names have been smothered.
Not any more.
George Washington Dotcom also owns JesusChrist.com. He obtained it thinking it was the Kings Name. Ha! Another lie. We will soon have a more accurate Bible on this site with the names restored and its LIES removed! The ACTUAL Word of God ought to be the ‘lamp unto our feet’ and a ‘light unto our path’.

George Washington Dotcom is a bit old-school.
Website construction is not our strong point. And time is limited. But we will do our best to expose important lies. This first one is the MOST important. It is time we start calling on YehoVah in His Son’s name, YehoShua, most urgently! He’ll more likely answer if call Him and His Son by their ACTUAL NAMES!

Meanwhile, may you receive this blessing:

YehoVah bless you, and keep you.
YehoVah make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
YehoVah lift up his face toward you, and give you peace.’ (
Numbers 6:24-26)